Eugon LT SUP

Eugon LT SUP Nutritious medium for detecting and enumerating microorganisms in cosmetics Downloads Download the product IFU See our whole range of culture media in Tubes & Bottles ref. 26492 100 tubes x 9 mL 1 year shelf life 10-25┬░C storage temperature ref. 402750

Legionella BCYE Agar

Legionella BCYE Agar Downloads Download the product IFU Learn more about our solutions for Food Safety Legionella BCYE (Buffered Charcoal Yeast Extract) Agar is a non selective isolation medium used for the cultivation of Legionella species from clinical specimens and environmental samples. This formulation of

20th edition Heralding Education on Antimicrobial Resistance

20th edition Heralding Education on Antimicrobial Resistance Register for the event Learn more about the HEAR events. Heralding Education on Antimicrobial Resistance Het is zover! De data voor de HEAR-voorjaarscursus van Liofilchem zijn bekend. Wanneer: Donderdag 2 maart ÔÇô vrijdag 3 maart 2023 Locatie: Liofilchem, Via Scozia,

ESC Swab

ESC Swab Downloads Learn more about ESC Swab ESC (Easy Surface Checking) swab range includes a new generation of sampling devices for microbiological examination of surfaces, especially recommended for food and pharmaceutical industries. prefilled swab device rayon bud wide range of transport media and volumes

Dichloran Glycerol (DG18) Agar

Dichloran Glycerol (DG18) Agar Selective medium for the enumeration of yeasts and moulds, according to ISO 21527 Downloads Learn more and download the product IFU View our complete range of culture media for food and beverage testing Dichloran Glycerol (DG18) Agar is

Mueller Hinton Fastidious Broth

Mueller Hinton Fastidious Broth Downloads Download the MH-F Broth IFU See the complete range of culture media in tubes and bottles Mueller Hinton Fastidious Broth (MH-F broth) consists of ready-to-use, cation-adjusted MH broth supplemented with 5% lysed horse blood and 20 mg/L ?-NAD. This

Mueller Hinton II Agar

Mueller Hinton II Agar Downloads Click here to download the product IFU Click here for the complete range of ready-to-use 90mm agar plates. Mueller Hinton II Agar (low concentration of thymine-thymidine with adjustment of Ca++ and Mg++) is a medium recommended for antimicrobial

Steam Control GST E6 SS (BA coupons)

Steam Control GST E6 SS (BA coupons) Downloads Download the product technical sheet View the whole Biological Indicators product range Steam Control GST E6 SS are used for regular control of steam sterilization cycles and validation of sterilizers. These biological indicators use a

Cursus Antibiotica en Resistentie

Cursus Antibiotica en Resistentie De toenemende resistentie van bacteri├źn tegen antibiotica zorgt voor steeds grotere problemen. In microbiologische laboratoria is het bepalen van de resistentiespectra van bacteri├źn dan ook een dagelijkse bezigheid. De meeste diagnostische laboratoria volgen hierbij de Europese EUCAST-richtlijnen. Met de cursus Antibiotica en

EMMD 2022

Successful Event - EMMD 2022 Links EMMD 2022 12th European Meeting on Molecular Diagnostics At October 12-14th, 2022 EWC Diagnostics was present at the EMMD - European Meeting on Molecular Diagnostics. Thank you all for the positive energy and the positive atmosphere! EMMD 2022 This