Graso Biotech

Graso is a privately held company, located in the unpolluted setting of countryside, 50 km away from the city of Gdansk (Northern Poland). The company was established by Zenon and Grazyna Sobiecki in March 1989.With time, it turned from a small family business into a medium-sized enterprise, active on disparate markets mainly related to packaging industry. Graso Biotech is the company’s younger division focusing on microbiology. By its vigorous development, Graso Biotech is currently the largest manufacturer of ready-to-use culture media in Central Europe. The manufacturing and quality control testing is carried out by our employees in compliance with the latest ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 protocols. An area of 2500 sqm is utilized for controlled environment (cleanroom) and core facilities equipped with top quality instruments. The production process is completed in accordance with up-to date knowledge achievements. Fully automated lines assure complete traceability of both final products and raw materials. At the moment, our offer includes over 400 types of media that are poured on plates, to bottles or tubes. Other types are also being prepared, according to formulas provided by the customer. Aside from manufacturing products designed for end-users, both in Poland and abroad, Graso Biotech also conditions prefabricated dehydrated media for manufacturers of who lack the finale-stage lines.