EWC Diagnostics delivers High Quality products and services to Microbiological Laboratories in the Benelux.


EWC Diagnostics has multiple excellent production partners: Liofilchem, SSI Diagnostica, TCS Biosciences, Himedia, Biotecon, Tecta PDS and Dynamiker. We also have the possibility to deliver products of multiple other Suppliers. Our total product portfolio exists of more than 20.000 different products.

EWC Diagnostics is a young and dynamic company that brings quality and flexibility into the market. Our mission is to delight our Customers. We are dedicated to not only deliver high quality products, but also increase quality and efficiency in your Laboratory. We offer service packages like delivery with our own temperature controlled transport, fully automated stock control at your site and quality certificates storage in the cloud.

Together with our Production Partners we will be your partner in Microbiology!


Your partner in Microbiology for the following products


Eugon LT SUP

Legionella BCYE Agar

ESC Swab


Covid-19 (Corona Virus) 

Food Microbiology

Clinical Microbiology

Our partners:

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