Our Partner: Medical Wire & Equipment Co Ltd

Medical Wire was created in 1952 by Stanley Broggio and today is a global organisation in the diagnostics arena, with expertise in developing and manufacturing pre-analytical devices for specimen acquisition and transportation. In the 1960’s the company developed the world’s first range of individually packed sterile swabs.

Medical Wire produces swabs, surface wipes, sponges and kits designed to collect and transport bacterial samples, working across all surfaces, including larger areas and carcasses, especially for the food industry. Medical Wire also provides sample collection devices to determine the level of microorganisms on sterile surfaces for the pharma industry.

Medical Wire has been at the forefront of laboratory sciences and their aim has been to ensure they meet their customers’ needs. The innovation has been led by finding solutions to their customers challenges whether that be in developing products for improving efficiencies, making transportation of pathogens safe, or even supporting customers to improve efficiencies.

Swabs and specimen collection are used in other areas outside of the clinical setting. Medical Wire supplies a range of swabs and specimen collection media into Food, Pharmaceutical, Forensics, Environmental, and Research. Their products are used globally in over 120 countries. The capacity has grown 10-fold and we manufacture millions of swabs and media on a weekly basis.